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Welcome to Carpenter Elementary's PBIS page! Thank you for coming to learn more about Positive Behaviors, Interventions, and Supports.
     Through the implementation of PBIS, students will learn positive behavior expectations within different areas of our school that will help them to be stellar citizens even outside of school. PBIS will help students see the connection between positive behaviors, good manners, and common courtesy in order to better our school's community, teaching, and learning for all of our staff and students.
     By implementing CARY matrices throughout our school, students are constantly reminded of how they can act, look, and sound in order to Be Like CARY! All of the skills addressed by these visuals can be applied to various areas of life in the real-world like driving, eating at a restaurant, waiting in line at the grocery store, along with so many more!
     On this page you will find the following useful tools:
  • CARY Expectations Videos
  • CARY Expectations Posters
  • CARY Voice Level Posters
  • Camp CARY Lessons used to teach CARY Expectations
  • Carpenter PBIS PowerPoint Presentation
CARY Expectations Posters
*The attached kid-friendly posters are displayed throughout our school, as a constant reinforcement of the PBIS expectations.*
CARY Arrival & Dismissal Poster
CARY Cafeteria Poster
CARY Hallway Poster
CARY Library Poster
CARY Playground Poster
CARY Restrooms Poster
CARY Specials Poster
CARY Voice Levels Posters 
Introduction to PBIS at Carpenter!
*The attached PowerPoint Presentation is a great overview and introduction to the PBIS program here at Carpenter.*
Carpenter PBIS PowerPoint Presentation
CARY Expectations Videos
*The following videos are visual models of the positive behaviors our kids exhibit throughout our school, as a constant practice of good practices and good manners.*

PBIS - Restrooms

PBIS - Restrooms
PBIS - Restrooms

PBIS - Restrooms

Play Video
PBIS - Playground

PBIS - Playground

Play Video
PBIS - Library

PBIS - Library

Play Video
PBIS - Hallways

PBIS - Hallways

Play Video

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